Rubber Floor Matting

Floor mats made from rubber are great way to improve the safety, ergonomics, and productivity of workplaces and other interior and exterior spaces. CRG supplies rubber floor matting that satisfies a variety of applications, including the following:

  • Workplace floor coverings, including those in both office and plant.

  • Sanitary floor coverings for food processing applications and commercial kitchens.

  • Transportation equipment, including cars, trucks, buses, trains, construction and agricultural equipment, and off-road vehicles.

  • Institutional floor coverings, including those in schools and universities, hospitals, and government buildings.

Rubber floor matting we supply includes the following types:

Non-slip matting. Designed to address applications where fluids and debris accumulates on floor surfaces, such as in production environments and food service and processing, these mats allow fluids and debris to easily fall through the matting, providing workers with a dry, anti-slip surface. Non-slip matting can significantly reduce worker slips and falls resulting from slippery floor surfaces, decreasing injury time-off and worker compensation claims.

Anti-fatigue matting. A preferred choice in situations where worker comfort and fatigue is an issue. Anti-fatigue mats alleviate the worker discomfort that results from standing, while providing a stable standing environment.

Heat-resistant matting. Designed for welding stations, machine shops, or areas where heat-generating equipment is used, these mats feature a special heat resistant composition designed to repel sparks and hot metal.

Anti-static matting. These mats dissipate static charges which can damage sensitive electronic components and equipment. They also prevent the incidence of sparks which could initiate combustion or explosions.

High-voltage matting. For use in high-voltage applications, such as around high-voltage equipment, switchgear, fuse boxes, and control panels where workers must be insulated and protected from electrical shocks.

Entrance matting. These mats are a great initial barrier for preventing dirt being tracked into buildings. These high-quality mats can greatly reduce the costs associated with building maintenance and cleaning.

Food service matting. Food service mats must resist degradation from oils and greases while providing a non-slip surface of the mat that affords drainage for spills and liquids. Our food service mats have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make them a great choice for these types of applications.

Wet area matting. We offer matting for pool areas, locker rooms, saunas, and other areas which offer four-way drainage, with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives to provide maximum barefoot hygiene.

Sports matting. An important application area for rubber matting is that of sports facilities, including gymnasiums, fitness centres, athletic facilities, and multi-purpose rooms. rubber Our rubber sports matting provides a non-absorbent and cut resistant flooring surface that stands up extremely well to wear and tear.

Vehicle matting. We can provide matting cut-to-size, or custom cut for a precise fit, that will handle many vehicle applications, including those in mass transit, agricultural and construction equipment, and off-road vehicles.

All rubber floor matting which CRG provides is purpose-designed and made from the highest quality materials. We can supply rubber floor matting by the roll, or precision cut-to-size using our advanced cutting technology.

If you have an application which requires rubber floor matting, please contact our sales department at for further information and assistance.