Rubber Products: Global Supply

In the 25-plus years that we have been supplying high-quality rubber products to the marketplace, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has established a global supply chain that ensures our customers receive the very best In products and services.

CRGI’s global sourcing and supply means our customers get a wide variety of the highest quality rubber materials, finished products, and value-added services. Our commitment to global sourcing and supply has enabled us to assemble a strong portfolio of material manufacturers whose substrates service both standard and severe-service applications. In addition, for our automotive customers, we have established supply relationships that ensure consistently high quality and delivery reliability in the rubber products which we supply.

Highlighting the benefits that CRGI’s global supply chain brings to customers, Guillermo Cardoso, CRGI’s global supply chain manager, comments: “Striving for operational excellence, our rapid response supply chain extends globally to find the best options in price, quality and delivery; while remaining agile and adaptable at the least possible risk to our customers.”

CRGI is committed to continuously improving all aspects of our supply chain operations. We have a supply chain strategy in place which governs our supply chain management policies and practices. Our supply chain capability and flexibility are modeled, measured, and managed through a monthly supply review process. And we work hard to ensure that our supply chain is integrated with our product management, demand, supply points, and other planning processes.

In addition to global sourcing and supply, our supply chain capabilities extend to planning, distribution and logistics, and data sharing. We continuously measure and monitor supply chain effectiveness to ensure the highest possible value-add, and have in place a suite of metrics to drive performance improvement.  Taken together, our supply chain process ensures that our customers enjoy the benefits of superior quality, lower costs, and reliable deliveries.

The next time you are sourcing or purchasing rubber products, consider the advantages of dealing with a supplier with a global supply capability. To find out more about how you can benefit from CRGI’s global supply chain, or to inquire about any of the rubber products we can supply, please contact our sales department at