Rubber Snow Plow Blades

With winter thankfully starting to wind down, snow plow blades are hopefully becoming a distant memory for most people! However, the coming off-season is the time that most operators will think about repairing, replacing, and preparing their equipment for next plowing season to come. For operators and municipalities alike, now is a good time to investigate the advantages of rubber snow plow blades!

Rubber snow plow blades have many advantages. Made from a specially formulated compound, these blades are flexible and tough. Their flexibility allows them to conform to the irregularities in road surfaces, allowing for better snow removal. At same time, and unlike steel blades, they will not gouge or damage expensive road surfaces or raised reflective highway markers.

A unique property of rubber snow plow blades is that they provide a “squeegee” action on road surfaces, removing accumulated slush and moisture and drying out the road surface more effectively than a steel blade. This results in safer driving conditions as there is less moisture left on the road surface which could subsequently freeze.

For operators, rubber snow plow blades are designed to fit on the types of equipment that use a steel blade: straight plows, v-plows, jeep-type plows, under-mounted plows and scraper blades. Using a rubber snow plow blade results in lower maintenance costs over steel blades – rubber blades typically incur less damage than steel blades and therefore require less frequent replacement. Rubber blades also absorb shocks better than steel blades, giving a smoother cab ride for the operator.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. is now supplying rubber snow plow blades. These blades perform effectively on a wide variety of road surfaces, including highways, streets, parking lots, airport runways, and even walkways. Our rubber blades are available in three widths:

  • 12 inch width – suitable for “V” plows

  • 10 inch width – front-mounted plows

  • 8 inch width – underbody-mounted plows and graders

These blades are made of a specially formulated rubber compound with a high tensile strength of 2,500 psi minimum. They have a tear resistance of 504 ppi and will service operating temperatures down to -40°C without becoming brittle. All blades come with slots provided to allow for easy installation and adjustment.

To find out more about the rubber snow plow blades we can supply, or for further technical data or installation information, please contact our sales department at