Runner Matting

Runner matting, also known as rib matting, is a material we sell frequently to service a variety of covering applications. This versatile material is well-suited for use as an economical floor covering in both indoor and outdoor areas, especially those areas which involve high traffic. Covering applications that runner matting services include the following:

  • Facility walkways, aisleways, hallways, and work areas

  • Facility mezzanines and stairways

  • Athletic/fitness centres and locker areas

  • Flooring for closed vans

  • Event facilities

  • Dog runs

The ribbing on runner matting makes it a “sweep clean” material, meaning that dirt which gets trapped between the ribs of the matting can be easily swept out with a push broom. Similarly, water and fluids which spill onto runner matting will tend to accumulate in the spaces between the ribs, reducing the potential for slips and falls.

Another advantage of runner matting is that it is flexible and can be easily rolled up and stored when not needed. The material can be easily cut to desired width, as well as cut out to fit around equipment and obstacles. If required, we can also supply runner matting with an adhesive backing to provide a secure bond with the surface being covered.

Our standard industrial quality rubber runner matting is available in wide rib, fine rib or diamond plate profiles. The fine rib profile features a narrower rib with less spacing between the ribs. This type of runner matting works well in applications where fine dirt or debris needs to be trapped between the ribs. Wide rib matting is better suited for applications where coarse dirt, debris, and fluids are more likely to be present. Diamond plate rib matting provides a patterned surface which provides good traction in both wet and dry applications.

Runner matting we stock is available in various colors and in standard widths of 24” or 36”. Available thicknesses include ⅛” or ¼”. We can supply runner matting by the roll or cut-to-length. Typical roll lengths are 25 yards or 50 yards, depending upon the thickness selected. If required, we can supply runner matting cut-to-width or in strips, with or without an adhesive backing.

If you have an application which requires runner matting, or think that runner matting may be covering material to investigate, our sales department will be delighted to speak with you.

Please contact our sales department at for further information.