Snow Plow Rubber Deflectors and Blades

With winter in sight, it’s now time for snow plow operators and municipal fleets to ensure their equipment is ready for the onslaught to come. Since our inception in 1987, CRG has worked to supply commercial plow operators and municipal fleets with snow plow rubber deflectors and blades that keep their equipment running effectively and efficiently.

Snow Plow Rubber Deflectors: Deflector Strips

Rubber deflector strips are mounted onto the top surface of a plow blade to improve snow containment and blade efficiency. Worn, cracked or missing deflector strips can hamper a plow's effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in less effective clearing and greater consumption of fuel and time.

CRG fabricates snow plow rubber deflector strips from heavy duty rubber belting that is designed to stand up to everything winter can throw at it. CRG deflector strips are long-lasting and will maintain their flexibility in cold weather without cracking or becoming brittle.

CRG rubber deflector strips are individually manufactured to each customer’s requirements. The strips can be custom produced to accommodate any blade size or configuration. Optional imprinting of deflector strips with organization name and logo is available upon request.

Snow Plow Rubber Deflectors and Blades: Cutting Edges

Rubber snow plow blades, or cutting edges, are becoming increasingly popular among plow and fleet operators as a means of achieving effective surface clearing with minimal damage. Rubber blades operate with a squeegee-like action on road surfaces, removing more accumulated snow and slush than a steel blade and leaving behind a drier surface. Since the road surface is drier after clearing with a rubber blade, there is less residual moisture to freeze, making for safer driving conditions.

CRG snow plow rubber blades are produced using a heavy-duty rubber compound that is both flexible and tough. The flexibility allows the blade to adjust to and accommodate irregularities in road surfaces, providing more effective snow clearing. At the same time, unlike steel blades or edges, rubber cutting edges will not gouge or damage the road surface or raised reflective markers (“cat’s eyes”) on highways.

CRG snow plow rubber blades are designed to fit on equipment types that have traditionally used steel blades: straight plows, v-plows, jeep-type plows, under-mounted plows and scraper blades. With CRG snow plow rubber blades, fleet operators can enjoy lower maintenance costs as a rubber blade experiences less damage and consequently less frequent repair or replacement than a steel blade. Rubber blades also absorb shocks better than steel blades, yielding a smoother cab ride for the operator.

CRG rubber snow plow blades are available in three widths:

  • 12 inch width – suitable for “V” plows

  • 10 inch width – front-mounted plows

  • 8 inch width – underbody-mounted plows and graders

Snow plow rubber blades from CRG are fabricated from a specially formulated rubber compound with a high tensile strength of 2,500 psi minimum. This compound has a tear resistance of 504 ppi (pounds per inch) and will service operating temperatures down to -40°C without becoming brittle. All CRG snow plow rubber blades come with slots provided to allow for easy installation and adjustment.

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