Sylodyn® Urethane Gaskets

Ultra-elastic urethane closed-cell sponge gaskets

Sylodyn® GC Urethane materials are comprised of a unique closed cell polyurethane foam. The unique properties of Sylodyn® allow the material to deliver sealing performance that is beyond that achievable from current open cell urethane products and traditional closed-cell rubber or silicone products. These properties result in a superior urethane gasket.

Vibration, shock and temperature cycles cause unwanted flange flexing, resulting in leaks with traditional gasket materials. Truly effective gasket installations must seal for the long-term, handling relative motion between the flange components. Using the ultra-elastic Sylodyn® GC urethane materials, CRGI fabricates urethane gaskets that provide superior performance with both initial seal and adaption to change.

Urethane gaskets fabricated from Sylodyn® materials eliminate the need to compress typical open-cell urethane forms to ideal laboratory compression specifications in order to seal. Sylodyn® materials perform in working equipment across a wide range of dynamic conditions. The combination of elasticity, fast recovery, closed-cell structure and vibration damping makes gaskets fabricated from Sylodyn® an excellent choice for today’s application demands,

Specific advantages of urethane gaskets fabricated from Sylodyn® include the following:

  • Closed-cell construction seals gas and liquid.

  • Superior resistance to compression set and creep caused by mating flange compression forces.

  • Absorbs vertical and horizontal loading at high frequencies, maximizing long-term dynamic sealing capability.

  • Micro-sized closed-cells blocks leak paths in extremely narrow gasket widths.

  • Superior compression force retention over silicone closed-cell material at lower cost.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength maintains long-term material integrity.

  • Select from many GC durometer choices to seal a wider range of applications with low, medium, or high flange loads.

Applications for which urethane gaskets fabricated from Sylodyn® are particularly well-suited include the following:

  • Military vehicle window seals.

  • Automobile tail light seals.

  • Touch pad gaskets.

  • Portable electronics housing seals.

  • High-speed camera gaskets.

  • HVAC gaskets in tractors.

  • Vacuum lifter gaskets.

  • Battery charger damping seal for vibrating plates.

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