‘tis the Season … for Snow Deflector Strips

While most of us are trying to put winter behind us, municipalities and snow plow operators are hard at work servicing and maintaining their plowing equipment, getting it ready for the next winter season. Ensuring that snow plow blades are ready to go with effective deflector strips is a key part of out-of-season maintenance activities.

CRGI Snow Deflector Strips

Snow deflector strips are a product that CRGI has fabricated for many years. These deflector strips are mounted onto the top surface of a plow blade to prevent snow from pushing over the top of the blade, thereby improving plowing efficiency. A key benefit of a snow deflector strip is that it improves operator safety by helping to prevent snow, slush and salt from spraying up onto the vehicle windshield.

CRGI snow deflector strips are manufactured from 3-ply fabric impregnated belting. This material is a heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant rubber that can withstand the rigours of the plowing season. The fabric impregnation provides the strength and rigidity that avoids the “floppiness” often encountered with lower-quality deflector strips. The rubber formulation which we use is extremely durable and maintains its flexibility in cold weather without cracking or becoming brittle. This reduces the costs associated with having to replace cracked or broken deflector strips during the operating season.

Each CRGI snow deflector strip is manufactured to individual customer requirements. We can customize snow deflector strips for any blade size or configuration. Deflector strips come with pre-drilled bolt holes or slots that permit easy attachment onto the plow blade. If desired, our snow deflector strips can be custom imprinted with company names and logos.

CRGI Rubber Snow Plow Blades

In addition to manufacturing snow deflector strips, CRGI can also supply rubber snow plow blades which can be fitted onto any all-metal plow blade. Rubber snow plow blades (sometimes called cutting edges) have many advantages. Made from a specially formulated rubber compound, these blades are tough yet flexible enough to conform to irregularities in road surfaces. Unlike steel blades, rubber blades will not gouge or damage expensive road surfaces or raised reflective highway markers.

Rubber snow plow blades provide a “squeegee” action on road surfaces, removing accumulated slush and moisture and drying out the road surface more effectively than a steel blade. Since less moisture is left on the road to freeze, using a rubber blade for plowing can result in safer driving conditions.

To find out more about the snow deflector blades or rubber snow blades which we can supply, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.