Understanding TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070

As a leading supplier of automotive rubber parts to many of the world’s leading OEM’s and their Tier 1-3 suppliers, CRGI supplies parts that fully conform to the requirements of the various program specifications in play. An interesting subset of specifications that we are often asked to supply parts under include the TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070 specifications issued by Toyota, Honda and Nissan respectively.

About TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070

CRGI has long experience in supplying automotive rubber parts that satisfy specifications of various vehicle programs of Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Examples of such specifications we have handled include Honda HES C201-06 and 1751Z-SE0-0100 (fuel tank cushions), Nissan NES M 7070, and Toyota TSM 1500G.

Program specifications like TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070 often cite sub-specifications that are contained in Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). These are standards that cover industrial activities in Japan. The JIS standardization process is coordinated by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and published through the Japanese Standards Association (JSA).

JIS standards are organized into 19 divisions, covering a variety of industrial activities. From time to time, CRGI has been required to produce automotive rubber parts that satisfy JIS specifications, including those for Industrial Rubber Packing Materials (specification K 6380) and Physical Testing Methods for Vulcanized Rubber (specification K 6301).

In addition to supplying automotive rubber parts which satisfy the requirements of Japanese OEM’s, CRGI has proven experience in handling the program standards and specifications of other leading OEM’s such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and Volvo.

CRGI Automotive Rubber Parts

Parts that we have supplied to various vehicle programs over the years, including the TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070 specifications, are the following:

  • Seals and Stripping for varied applications, including: body; driveline; engine; steering and suspension; wheel-end; bearing; and doors, windows, hoods and trunks.

  • Pedal Pads. Molded pedal pads for both new vehicle programs and after-market applications.

  • NVH parts, Isolators, Dampeners and Fuel Tank Cushions. Isolators and acoustic dampeners from rubber, felt, cork, sponge, memory foam, or other materials.

  • Anti-Vibration Pads. Anti-vibration pads that resist compression set, aging, and fluids. If required, pads can be kiss cut and supplied on rolls for ease of installation.

  • Plenum Plugs. Precision fabricated plenum plugs that provide a high-quality seal and deliver maximum water drainage throughout their life cycle.

  • Grommets. Rubber grommets that provide protection to vehicle wiring or cabling.

  • Cuffs and Sleeves. Fabricated from materials that are resistant to abrasion, solvents, and oils.In addition to supplying parts that fully conform to specifications such as TSM 1500G, HES C201-06 and NES M7070, CRGI also provides a full range of program management and support services. These include the provision of value-adding services such as program management, global logistics management, inventory warehouse management to support JIT parts provision, EDI and bar coding, PPAP Level 3 documents and samples, and 2D/3D CAD drawing support.

If you require automotive rubber parts, CRGI’s team of experienced professionals is ready to work with you from concept to finished product. If you have a program or application that requires an automotive rubber part, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.