Wet Area Matting

Wet area matting is perfect for wet areas such as pools, shower rooms, saunas and the like as it reduces the risk of slips and falls, is easy to clean and maintain, and helps prevent infections. Consider using wet area matting in any traffic area that requires safe traction in the presence of moisture.

How does wet area matting work?

Wet area matting works because the mat design allows the matting to remain drier than the surrounding floor area. Built with an open construction, wet area matting allows water to easily drain through the mat, creating a dry slip-resistant surface which prevents slips and falls.

What are some of the advantages of wet area matting?

Wet area matting is specifically designed to handle the challenges of wet areas. As noted above, the open design and construction of wet area matting keeps the mat surface dry, providing a slip-free surface. In addition, wet area matting also offers the following advantages:

  • Many wet area mats are made from antimicrobial materials. This suppresses the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi, reducing the incidence of infections. This quality is particularly important for bare foot areas, where infections and fungi can be more easily contacted and spread.

  • Wet area mats are resistant to chemicals often found in pools, saunas and locker areas. Because certain chemicals, such as chlorine, can often attack and degrade matting, wet area mats are constructed from materials that successfully resist attack from these compounds.

  • Wet area mats can enhance the aesthetic appearance of functional areas. Wet area mats are often brightly coloured and can lend to the visual attractiveness of an area.

  • Wet area matting is flexible to accommodate floor shapes and contours. Some types of wet area mats are supplied in modular tiles which can be fitted into any area. Other matting can be easily cut-to-size or shape to accommodate floor areas and transitions, as well as objects.

  • Wet area matting can be easily cleaned. Good quality wet area mats resist staining and discolouring, and are easily cleaned.

What wet area matting does CRG supply?

CRG supplies Heronrib sport and leisure matting for wet areas. Made from strong, non-porous PVC with channeled underbars, Heronrib’s 4-way drainage will automatically self-drain even the largest amounts of water. This matting is the perfect choice for handling splashes and other forms of moisture deposition around swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, locker rooms, shower rooms, laundromats, pet grooming stations and other wet areas.

Heronrib matting is available in a range of attractive colours that will enhance any wet area. The matting is easy to cut and clean and contours well to uneven or irregular surfaces. Heronrib wet side matting is quick to install and is UV and fire resistant. With its excellent properties, Heronrib matting is the go-to solution for any wet area.

CRG offers Heronrib matting in complete rolls or as cut-to-size and fully finished mats. To find out more about Heronrib wet area matting, please contact our sales team at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.