API 622 Approved Low Emission Valve Stem Packing

Is your low emission valve stem packing API 622 certified for both rotating and reciprocating valve equipment? At Canada Rubber Group (CRG), we offer Teadit style 2236 low emission valve stem packing that is certified to API 622 for both types of equipment.

Teadit has all its manufacturing locations API 622 certified. Developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the API 622 standard was developed in response to the needs to the petroleum and chemical industries.

Introduced in 2006, API 622 is now in its 2nd edition and represents stringent fugitive emissions test criteria for valve stem packing. The standard requires testing of packing over five cycles from ambient temperature to 550°F, performed with over 1510 mechanical actuations. The testing is carried out on a standard apparatus described within the standard.

Low emission valve stem packing has been developed in response to the fact that valves may account for as much as 60 percent of all fugitive emissions, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To reduce the fugitive emissions coming from valves, the EPA has developed consent decrees which not only define performance parameters, but also require a written guarantee to be provided by valve and packing manufacturers. These decrees specify the performance parameters for low emission packing. Similar decrees or regulations are being either developed or implemented in other countries and jurisdictions to reduce the incidence of fugitive emissions from valves.

About Teadit Style 2236 Low Emission Valve Stem Packing

Teadit style 2236 low emission valve stem packing is self-lubricating, non-hardening, dimensionally stable and resistant to gases and fluids as well as heat, pressure and chemicals. The high temperature flexible graphite and Inconel® filament jacket of the packing affords mechanical stability while the advanced construction provides leakage control and high integrity in steam service.

Teadit style 2236 will maintain low stem torque values even when high installation stresses are applied.  This aspect is important in allowing a valve to actuate effectively and makes it ideal for a broad range of applications.

Due to its physical properties and ability to minimize friction, Teadit style 2236 packing is ideal for both rotating and reciprocal valve equipment and can be used within a broad range of applications. In addition to satisfying the requirements of API 622, Teadit style 2236 has also been recognized by AMTEC laboratory in Germany as a high-sealing system for the purposes of TA-Luft, satisfying the tightness criteria of VDI 2440.

By purchasing Teadit style 2236 packing, buyers can be confident that they are getting a high-quality packing that offers outstanding low emission performance.

To find out more about Teadit style 2236 low emission valve stem packing, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.