Automotive NVH Parts

NVH is a term widely used in the automotive industry to describe noise, vibration, and harshness. NVH parts are typically small components, fashioned from rubberfoam, or other materials, which are designed to isolate and dampen noise, vibration, and harshness in vehicles.

Noise can be described as unwanted sound. Noise can intrude the vehicle interior, creating discomfort for occupants. Vibration is usually felt, rather than heard. It is best described as a periodic motion or oscillation. Harshness is often associated with vibration, and refers to the quality or level of severity with which a vibration is perceived and felt.

NVH parts from CRGI

NVH is increasingly important within the automotive industry as OEM’s strive to make vehicles which ride more quietly and smoothly. To achieve these objectives, OEM’s are focusing more and more on NVH from a design perspective, as well as using NVH materials and parts in vehicle constructions. CRGI has been at the forefront of these developments, furnishing OEM’s and their major parts suppliers with NVH parts fabricated from the latest materials.

Examples of NVH parts we have provided for leading OEM vehicle programs include the following:

While many of our NVH parts are designed to address significant sources of NVH, one example highlights the attention to detail that OEM’s are now paying with respect to NVH. In this example, a leading OEM in the luxury car segment turned to CRGI for an NVH part designed to suppress vibration arising from the shaking of the windshield washer fluid reservoir bottle within its holder, under the hood!

CRGI fabricates NVH parts from a variety of materials, including rubbers and open and closed microcellular foams. Materials are chosen specifically for their quality, resistance to compression set, and fit for the application at hand. We can also provide a range of packaging and supply options to improve our customers’ efficiency in transportation, handling and storage.

If you are sourcing or NVH parts for a vehicle program, you can have full confidence in CRGI’s proven capabilities as a supply partner. All aspects of our operations conform to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and we have a proven capability in supplying products which meet ASTM D2000 line call-outs, as well as the material specifications of major OEM’s, including those of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Volvo. In those cases where a new specification is required, we work with our supply chain partners to develop an appropriate solution that meets or exceeds all requirements.

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