Buying Gaskets and Compression Packing: For Purchasing Managers

Purchasing managers tasked with buying gaskets and compression packing will want to consider the following:

  • How to enjoy the efficiencies that result from consolidating purchases through a single source of supply.

  • How to better manage the buying process through a contract of supply.

Buying Gaskets and Compression Packing: Challenges

When buying gaskets and compression packing, purchasing managers are tasked with sourcing suppliers of a particular type of gasket or compression packing. Because these transactions often involve seeking reliable yet cost-effective sources of supply, the search time and costs can be significant.

The wide variety of gaskets and compression packing available in the marketplace further complicates the purchasing process. Often, purchasing personnel have to spend considerable time dealing with multiple suppliers for the provision of these products. This can add significant overhead to the purchasing process.

Larger enterprises, and those with multiple sites, who are regularly buying gaskets and compression packing may also prefer to transact purchases through a long-term contract of supply with a single vendor. This allows buyers to enjoy benefits such as more predictable pricing, assured provisioning, and less purchasing administration.

Buying Gaskets and Compression Packing: How CRG Can Help

At Canada Rubber Group (CRG), we recognize these challenges. Our value chain is set up to cater to the needs of corporate purchasers who are faced with buying gaskets and compression packing. Specifically, we offer the following solutions:

  • We are your one-stop shop for gaskets and compression packing. Consolidating the buying of gaskets and compression packing through CRG allows you to enjoy the efficiencies that result from dealing with a single source of supply.

  • We can service your needs under a contract of supply. CRG gaskets and compression packing can replace your existing sealing solutions, allowing you to reduce transaction costs and receive discounts for volume purchases.

At CRG, our extensive array of gasket and compression packing solutions and flexible procurement allows us to facilitate your buying process. Our gaskets are produced on the latest production technology, using the highest quality elastomers and compressed fiber sheet from material partners such as Teadit, Interface Performance Materials, and others. We also carry the full line of Teadit compression packing which addresses virtually all application needs. Our extensive inventory, coupled with our advanced manufacturing capability, allows us to satisfy virtually any buying request, under either a contract of supply or as-needed basis.

When buying gaskets and compression packing under a long-term agreement, purchasers will want to assure themselves that the supplier can provide product which can service a variety of applications. Applications that our gaskets and compression packing can service include the following:

  • Standard service. Gaskets and compression packing for general purpose applications.

  • Severe service. Applications involving media which imposes high-wear, abrasion and corrosion.

  • Critical service. Applications involving hazardous media, and extreme temperatures and pressures.

  • Sanitary service. Food-grade and pharmaceutical applications.

In addition, we can provide product solutions which service applications requiring conformity to low emission (Low E) and NSF 61 requirements.

To find out more about how CRG can assist you with the purchasing of gaskets and compression packing, please contact our sales department at