Compression Packing for Strong Acids and Caustics

Some compression packing applications require the packing to withstand the corrosive characteristics of strong acids and caustics. Applications involving concentrated solutions of acids and caustics can degrade and injure the packing, causing premature failure and escalating costs. In these applications, it is important to choose a packing that is designed to withstand the corrosive attack of these substances.

Applications where the presence of strong acids and caustics are often encountered include those in chemical plants, pulp and paper, mining and resource extraction, and many general industrial applications. Pump packing in these settings must be capable of standing up to aggressive media, including concentrated acids and bases.

Where compression packing for strong acids and caustics is required, CRGI often recommends two Teadit products described below. While other packing products in the Teadit line also offer high resistance to attack by acids and caustics, these two packings are often the preferred choices in applications where strong acids and caustics are present.

Compression Packing for Strong Acids and Caustics

Teadit Style 2007 packing

Style 2007 packing is an interlock braid, utilizing Teadit’s EG8G-S PTFE/graphite yarn and a high temperature break-in lubricant. EG8G-S yarn is formed from expanded PTFE in which fine particles of pure graphite have been encapsulated. The resulting packing combines the chemical resistance of PTFE with the heat dissipation characteristics of graphite, thus allowing much higher shaft speeds than conventional PTFE packing.

Style 2007 packing works very well in applications involving strong acids and caustics, hydrogen peroxide, solvents, fuels, oils, and cooling fluids. The packing is chemically inert over the entire 0-14 pH range with these exceptions: molten alkali metals, fluorides, oleum, fuming nitric acid, aqua regia, and other strong oxidizing agents. This style is an excellent general service and corrosive service packing. It is commonly used in pumps, valves, rotating and reciprocating shafts, mixers and agitators, and is especially designed for services involving surface speeds and temperatures higher than those that can be handled by pure PTFE packing.

Teadit Style 2103T packing

Style 2103T is an interlock braid of carbon fibres which are carefully impregnated with PTFE and a special lubricant. The resulting packing is very tough, resists wear, has excellent chemical resistance and prevents contamination.

Style 2103T packing can handle chemicals over the entire 0-14 pH range, except for strong oxidizers. It is very popular in the pulp and paper industry because it is especially designed for applications involving strong caustics, acids, bleaches, slurries, and services where contamination cannot be tolerated. This style is commonly used in valves and pumps, agitators, reactors, and autoclaves.

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