Compression Packing: The Importance of Built-In Lubricants

In both rotating and reciprocating equipment, the effectiveness of compression packing depends on the presence of a fluid film between the packing and the moving element of the equipment. This fluid film provides essential lubrication between the packing the moving element, preserving the life of the packing, and preventing overheating and consequent equipment damage.

A lubricating fluid film may be created by using a compression packing which is impregnated with a lubricating agent. This type of packing is designed to release its lubricant when the equipment is being started and operated, thus providing a continuous source of lubricating film between the packing and the moving elements of the equipment.

Using a packing impregnated with a lubricating agent can greatly extend equipment life. However, it should be noted that packing impregnated with lubricant will gradually lose lubricant volume over its life cycle, necessitating a change of the packing. Nothing is forever!

CRG supplies compression packing from Teadit North America in an array of styles, some of which are impregnated with a built-in lubricating agent. These styles include lubricants designed to reduce shaft wear and glazing of the packing at startup. Teadit compression packing styles available with lubricant include those in the following constructions:

  • Carbon fiber and graphite

  • ePTFE/Graphite

  • Expanded PTFE

  • Synthetic Yarn

  • Aramid Yarn

  • Ramie

For food-grade applications, CRG can supply Teadit compression packing with an FDA-approved lubricating agent. An example is style 2006, a packing made from an expanded PTFE yarn that is impregnated with a proprietary food-grade lubricant that complies with the FDA and USDA requirements, under Title 21 Food and Drugs – Part 177.1500 (Perfluorocarbon Resins) and Part 178.3570 (Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact).

For low emission applications, CRG can supply Teadit style 2236 compression packing. This packing is self-lubricating and non-hardening, and is a preferred choice for applications where control of fugitive emissions is a requirement.

CRG can supply compression packing for both MRO and OEM needs. For MRO buyers, we offer a full range of product which services almost any applications, together with support services such as providing guidance for packing selection, installation training, kanban replenishment, and emergency service. For OEM customers, including product designers and manufacturers, we can assist with packing selection and material supply to support manufacturing requirements.

For further information on how CRG can assist with your compression packing needs, please contact our sales department at