Die Cut Products from Specialty Materials

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRG), we specialize in producing a wide range of die cut products from non-metallic specialty materials. These materials service a wide array of applications across a variety of industries. This blog highlights some of the materials we can offer as well as the end-uses we can service.

Die Cut Products from Specialty Materials: Materials and Applications

While a large part of CRG’s business is concerned with the production of gaskets and fabricated products from rubber and sponge materials, we also specialize in the die cutting of other non-metallic materials. Below is a partial list of the specialty materials we use at CRGI, together with the applications which they serve.

Die Cut Products from Specialty Materials: Materials and Applications

  • Ceramic paper. Ceramic fibre paper used to service high temperature applications with die cut gaskets, insulation and shields, filtration, etc.

  • Cloth-inserted rubbers. Rubber sheet with cloth impregnated. Cloth inserted sheet rubbers are designed to add stability where mechanical fastening is necessary, and to reduce gasket creep where heavy flange loading is required.

  • Cork. Available in grades that are impermeable, fire-resistant, buoyant, and elastic. Used for sealing and dampening applications in industrial and automotive applications.

  • Cork rubber composites. Strong and flexible, cork rubber is an ideal material for producing gaskets for use in narrow flanges.

  • Engineered graphite. Combining the attributes of graphite and Kevlar, this material has high tensile strength and resistance to fire.

  • Felt. Ideal for sealing applications where the ingress of dust and contaminants must be prevented. An excellent material for products designed to cushion vibrations, shocks, and impact.

  • Fish paper. This fibrous paper is strong and flexible, with a high dielectric strength. A good material choice for die cut products in electrical applications.

  • Kapton®. An aromatic polyimide film, Kapton® is extremely tough and durable. This material can be employed to produce die cut products for use in a variety of electrical and electronic insulation applications, including wire and cable tapes, and formed coil insulation.

  • Laminated foils. An excellent material for die cut products used as heat shielding, insulation, cable shields, firewalls, etc.

  • Mylar. A strong polyester film with excellent heat resistance and insulating properties.

  • Plastic. We use a wide variety of plastics to fabricate products such as wear parts, equipment liners, etc.

  • Poron®. A high density microcellular foam with low compression set. Used in gasketing, sealing, vibration and sound dampening, and energy absorption.

  • Transparent conductive films. Clear nanoparticle conductive film for products which services EMI shielding, transparent heating, touchscreen, and other innovative applications.

  • Wire oriented silicone. Wire impregnated silicone which can be used to fabricate EMI and RFI shielding parts.

If you have an application that requires die cut products from specialty materials, CRG is your preferred supply partner. Our cutting capabilities include CNC cutting, standard die cutting, rotary die cutting, kiss cutting, lamination, and slitting. With no minimum order requirements, CRG will provide you with prototypes, short- and long-run production, Kanban ordering and JIT delivery as required.

To find out more about the die cut products from specialty materials that CRG can supply, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.