Does Your Application Require Graphite Gaskets?

Applications involving high temperatures are challenging for many gasket materials. Non-graphite gasket materials, such as Nitrile, Silicone, PTFE, and others, will only support temperatures up to a certain level. For example, Nitrile gaskets will service application temperatures up to about 95°C, while Silicone and PTFE will service application temperatures up to 200°C and 260°C respectively. For applications involving temperatures higher than these, graphite gaskets are the preferred choice.

What are the properties of graphite?

Graphite, a form of carbon, is an inert material which resists chemical attack even at high temperatures. Because it is an inert material, it has a low propensity to react with, or contaminate, other substances. Graphite also has a low coefficient of friction which is useful when being used to seal joints – gasket made from graphite sheet easily accommodate to loading forces as flange faces are tightened.

Graphite sheet used to produce gaskets will support high temperatures. Typical temperature ranges include -240°C to 510°C in an oxidizing atmosphere, and pressures up to 2000 psi. High-purity graphite sheet can become brittle and for this reason, the high-purity sheet is often reinforced with metal core inserts to provide additional strength and stability.

Graphite gaskets from CRG

CRG offers graphite gaskets cut from a range of graphite sheets. These include the following:

  • Graphite gaskets made from Teadit style 2660/1660 sheet. Graphite gaskets made from this sheet have superior pressure-temperature (PxT) sealing characteristics to all asbestos-reinforced and non-asbestos-reinforced gaskets. These gaskets will support a maximum service temperature of 450°C in air, 650°C in steam, and 3000°C in inert media. Service pressures up to 2030 psi (140 bar) are also supported. Graphite gaskets made from this material are resistant to chemical attack by virtually all organic or inorganic fluids, except concentrated highly-oxidizing acids.

  • Graphite gaskets, foil inserted. Made from Teadit style 2661/1661 sheet, these gaskets have a 316 stainless steel foil insert which is .002” thick.

  • Graphite gaskets with a tanged core. Fabricated from Teadit style 2663/1663 flexible graphite sheet, this inserted sheet with a .005” tanged core produces gaskets with additional strength and stability.

  • Gaskets with a Mylar film insert. These gaskets are fabricated from Teadit style 2664/1664 flexible graphite sheet, reinforced with Mylar film .0005” thick.

CRGI has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing precision-cut flexible graphite gaskets for industrial fluid sealing applications. All gaskets we manufacture are produced to customer specifications and requirements using the latest manufacturing processes, including water jet cutting, flex/flash cutting, and die cutting. If required, we can supply gaskets from flexible graphite sheet with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

For further information on the flexible graphite gaskets we can supply, please contact our sales department at