Heavy Duty Pump Packing

Often we are asked to advise on a suitable heavy duty pump packing for tough applications, such as those in refineries, and wastewater or sewage treatment plants. In most cases, we will advise on the use of Teadit styles 2070 or 2044 to service these types of applications.

Teadit Style 2070 Pump Packing

Teadit style 2070 is an interlock braid, utilizing Teadit’s patented EGK yarn and a high temperature break-in lubricant. EGK yarn totally encapsulates a high strength aramid core in an expanded PTFE/graphite jacket. The aramid core contributes exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability, while the PTFE/ graphite jacket provides chemical resistance, heat conductivity, self-lubrication and a low coefficient of friction.

Teadit style 2070 is a superior general service and corrosive service packing. Its high resistance to extrusion (four times higher than conventional PTFE/graphite packings) makes style 2070 ideal for handling chemically aggressive fluids in high surface speed and high pressure applications. These characteristics make style 2070 an excellent choice for those applications where a heavy duty pump packing is required.

The service limits for Teadit style 2070 are shown below:

Teadit Style 2044 Pump Packing

Teadit style 2044 is an interlock braid, using spun aramid carded yarns, treated individually with PTFE suspensoid. The packing is also lubricated with silicone based compound for quick and easy break-in. The use of spun aramid fibers produces a softer and very tough packing, but one that is less abrasive than packings braided with aramid filaments.

Style 2044 is a heavy duty pump packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applications. It is recommended for service in superheated steam, slurries, petroleum derivatives, solvents, chemicals, liquefied gases, pulp and paper stocks, sugar syrups, and other abrasive fluids. The service limits for style 2044 are shown below:

If you have an application that requires heavy duty pump packing, we will be pleased to speak with you about the benefits of Teadit styles 2070 and 2044, as well as other fine Teadit packings we carry. Please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.