MRO Gaskets and Products from CRG

An important part of Canada Rubber Group’s (CRG) business is servicing the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) segment of the marketplace. Often, customers turn to CRG for MRO gaskets and supplies, sometimes in emergency situations when an important piece of equipment, or even an entire processing line, may be down. In these cases, CRG leverages its proven capability to rapidly respond and supply the needed part to get the customer’s operation back up and running in the shortest possible time.

MRO: Time is of the Essence

When critical equipment fails due to a blown or defective gasket, every minute counts as downtime costs mount with the passage of time. In these cases, CRG uses its arsenal of advanced production equipment to quickly fabricate a new gasket and have it on its way to the customer, within the same day in most cases. This emergency service is especially important in these days of leaner MRO inventories and supplies, when customers may not always have sufficient stock of the needed replacement part on hand.

MRO Gaskets, Products and Services from CRG

However, CRG goes beyond just supplying MRO gaskets on an emergency basis. We offer the following services, making us the preferred MRO partner for many customers:

  • Application review and product selection guidance. We can arrange for our product specialists to visit onsite to review a particular application and make recommendations for the proper selection of gaskets and compression packing.

  • On-site training. Our experts can provide hands-on guidance for the installation of gaskets and compression packing.

  • Product customization. With our extensive material inventory and production capabilities, we can quickly fabricate gaskets or other products to exact customer specifications.

  • Order fulfillment. Our global supply chain and fast order processing mean you have less downtime, faster installation, and lower costs.

MRO products that CRG can supply include the following:

If you are seeking a supply partner for MRO gaskets, compression packing, and other fabricated rubber products, consider CRG.

For further information on how we can assist with your MRO needs, please contact our sales department at