Valve Stem Packing for Oxygen Service

Some applications involving valves occur in processes and operations with oxygen rich environments. Oxygen service has many inherent hazards. Virtually all inorganic and organic materials will react with gaseous or liquid oxygen at certain temperatures and pressures, potentially causing a fire or explosion. In addition, oxygen service requires using a valve packing that can withstand the strongly oxidizing environment. For these reasons, in oxygen service applications, it is important to use a contaminate-free valve stem packing that can resist oxidation, as well as assuring fire-safe operation and low leak rates.

CRG supplies Teadit style 2238-OX valve stem packing for oxygen service. This packing is made from a high-purity flexible graphite yarn with oxidation inhibitors. The yarn is individually reinforced with an Inconel® 600 wire mesh. Style 2238-OX is manufactured in a clean room-type environment from the yarn to the finished product, ensuring a contaminate-free packing.

The specific needs of oxygen-based operations were taken into consideration in developing style 2238-OX, making it the ideal sealing solution for oxygen service applications. This packing style was designed specifically for valves used in oxygen service and is not suitable for electrolyte-containing applications.

Benefits of using style 2238-OX are that the manufacturing process used to produce the packing ensures a contaminate-free product needed for oxygen service valves. In addition, style 2238-OX assures fire-safe operation in oxygen service applications, while delivering low leak rates. Furthermore, the oxidation inhibitors used to impregnate the graphite yarn help resist breakdown of the packing when placed into oxygen service.

According to BAM test report 2-2950/2014 E, the maximum service limits for style 2238-OX valve stem packing for oxygen service include the following:

For gaseous oxygen

Temperature C (F)

Oxygen Pressure bar (psi)

Up to 60 (140)

210 (3046)

>60 (140) up to 300 (572)

140 (2030)

For liquid oxygen

No pressure limitation since compression of oxygen has no considerable influence on the reactivity of the material.

If you are seeking a valve stem packing for oxygen service, CRG will be pleased to discuss the advantages of Teadit style 2238-OX.

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