All About Adhesive Backed Gaskets

Adhesive backed gaskets (sometimes known as “peel and stick” or “press on” gaskets) are a good choice when a key application consideration is to ensure that the gasket remains in place once the seal is applied. These types of applications are often found in both the industrial and automotive markets.

What is an Adhesive Backed Gasket?

Adhesive backed gaskets are those are manufactured and supplied with an adhesive backing. A release paper or liner covers the adhesive and preserves its integrity until the gasket is used. When the gasket is being installed, it is separated from the release liner and affixed onto the surface where it is being mounted. The adhesive used on an adhesive backed gasket aids placement and installation only and does not usually perform any sealing function.

When Should I Choose and Adhesive Backed Gasket?

Customers should consider choosing adhesive backed gaskets when one or more of the following application conditions exist:

  • The gasket must remain in position once installed. In certain industrial and automotive applications, it is vital to ensure that a gasket remains in place once installed. For example, in automotive applications, vehicle window and door seals must not move as windows and doors are opened and closed. Gaskets with adhesive backing remain firmly in place once the seal is positioned and affixed.

  • Complex assembly operations. In certain assembly operations, gaskets must be held in position until the assembly operation is completed. In these types of operations, adhesive gaskets remain in position once installed, leaving operators free to continue the remainder of the assembly process.

  • Ease of installation. Some assembly operations require the application of many “peel and stick” gaskets. Adhesive backed gaskets which are kiss cut can be easily separated from their release liner by assembly operators, thus eliminating time consuming removal from the liner.

  • The gasket may become deformed after installation. Adhesive backed gaskets can be less prone to structural deformation once fixed in place.

What Types of Applications Do Adhesive Backed Gaskets Service?

Adhesive backed gaskets service a number of industrial and automotive applications. These include vehicle door and window seals, anti-vibration seals and parts, seals for electronic equipment, seals for machinery and equipment, etc.

Does Adhesive Backing Affect Gasket Performance or Life?

Because the adhesive may eventually dry out, adhesive backed gaskets generally have a shorter life expectancy and those made without adhesive backings. In addition, the shelf-life of adhesive backed gaskets may be shorter for the same reason. Thus, ideally adhesive backed gaskets should generally be used within six-months from their date of purchase.

Modern adhesives used on adhesive backed gaskets do not generally detract from a gasket’s functioning with respect to the service pressures it will support. However, because adhesives vary in their resistance to chemical attack and the temperature range they will support, adhesive backed gaskets should not be chosen when chemical resistance is an application requirement or the application temperature range falls outside the service limits of the adhesive.

From Which Materials are Adhesive Backed Gaskets Made?

CRG supplies adhesive backed gaskets fabricated from a variety of materials and adhesives. Materials that we often use in the production of adhesive backed gaskets include the following:

  • Non-silicone and high-performance elastomers, including nitrile, neoprene, EPDM, Viton®, and others. It should be noted that silicone rubbers do not bind to most adhesives. Similarly, PTFE rubbers usually require etching for the material to bind to an adhesive.

  • Conductive rubbers

  • Closed and open cell foams and sponges, silicone and non-silicone

  • Urethane foam (Poron®)

  • Corks

  • Felts and flock

  • Non-wovens

  • Specialty materials, including, foils, films, and laminates

What Adhesives are Available?

CRG can supply a variety of adhesives, each purpose-engineered for end-use applications and customer specifications. We can supply adhesive backings with specific properties, including electrically conductive/non-conductive, food-grade, high temperature, low tack to enable repositioning, etc.

CRG also supplies gaskets with double-coat adhesive backing or film support which ensures that the dimensional stability of the gasket is preserved as it is separated from its release liner. Double-coat or film support is an especially important consideration when gaskets are fabricated from materials which are prone to stretching and elongation as the gasket is separated from the liner.

CRG supplies a wide range of adhesive backed gaskets, produced on the latest CNC technology and using the highest quality materials and adhesives. All gaskets we produce are made in our ISO 9001-registered facility to the closest tolerances and specifications. Our experienced sales team and application experts can provide guidance for selecting the right material and adhesive for your application.

To find out more about the adhesive backed gaskets CRG can supply, please contact our sales department at