Fluid Sealing Products

As a leading producer of gaskets and seals, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) maintains a very comprehensive lineup of fluid sealing products. These products allow us to help customers address their fluid sealing challenges in a variety of industries, including general manufacturing, process industries, heavy industries, pulp and paper, mining and resources, and others.

In serving our customers with fluid sealing products, CRGI addresses two primary market needs. One is that of servicing the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operating) needs of our customers for fluid sealing products, such as gaskets, seals, and compression packing. The other key market is addressing the needs of OEM equipment manufacturers who need solutions to include in their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment offerings. This latter group includes manufacturers of pumps and rotary equipment, valves, hydraulics, etc.

Fluid sealing products that CRGI provides includes the following:

Gaskets and sealing solutions. We offer a comprehensive lineup of gasket and sealing solutions that are precision manufactured from a wide array of materials. Our material lineup allows us to fabricate gaskets and seals of almost any size and geometry to support standard service, severe service, and critical service applications. We also specialize in supplying gaskets and seals which meet regulatory needs, such as FDA-approved food grade and NSF-61.

All gaskets and seals which CRGI manufactures are produced using the latest manufacturing technology, together with the most stringent quality control methods and procedures under our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. To satisfy both MRO and OEM market needs, we can provide JIT production if required, and are equally adept at servicing small and large volume needs.

Compression packing. CRGI maintains an extensive line of compression packing produced by Teadit. These high quality compression packings offer an unbeatable combination of performance, cost, and reliability.

CRGI compression packing solutions from Teadit address a variety of applications, including standard service, severe service, and critical service. Our compression packing solutions also support specialized application needs, including those governed by regulations such as FDA food-grade and low emission guidelines.

Compression packing types we can supply include the following:

  • Aramid Yarn

  • Carbon, Graphite

  • ePTFE/Graphite

  • PTFE

  • Ramie

  • Synthetic Yarn

If you have a fluid sealing need, CRGI is your preferred supply option.

To find out more about how we can meet your needs and requirements for fluid sealing products, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.