Gasket Materials

No matter whether you need a few feet, a few rolls, or a large shipment, Canada Rubber Group (CRG) stands ready to service your gasket material needs. We stock an extensive array of gasket materials in our headquarters manufacturing facility and this blog provides a brief summary of the major material types we can supply. (Please note that what follows is for general guidance only – for information on materials for your particular application, please contact our sales department.)

Natural rubber. Can be used in applications with average concentrations of acids, alcohols and salts.

Nitrile rubber. Resistant to oil and gasoline as well as hydrocarbons and aliphatic compounds. Food-grade version also available.

Neoprene. Resists degradation from UV light and ozone and performs well with many media. FDA-approved food-grade and nylon and cloth-inserted versions also available.

EPDM. Resistant to most animal and vegetable oils, water, steam, oxygenated solvents such as acetones, as well as ketones. Food-grade version also available.

Butyl rubber. Possesses excellent impermeability to gases together with superior dielectric properties. This rubber has good resistance to tearing, abrasion and aging, as well as possessing good chemical stability. It resists weathering, sunlight, ozone, mineral acids, ketones and alcohols.

Silicone rubber. An inert rubber which services a wide temperature range. Excellent for food-grade applications.

Buna-S (red rubber). A widely used flange gasket material for applications involving hot or cold water and air.

Flexible Graphite. Used as flange gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets, and electrically conductive gaskets. Performs well in applications involving steam, acids and alkalis, gases, oils and solvents.

Virgin PTFE. This material is non-stick, non-porous, and non-absorbent. It has excellent chemical and electrical resistance.

Expanded PTFE. Multi-directionally expanded PTFE sheet with excellent chemical resistance. A preferred material choice for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Viton**®** (Fluoroelastomer). Resistant to hydrocarbons and certain acids.

In addition to these widely used compounds, CRG also maintains an extensive inventory of quality gasket materials from Teadit and Interface Performance Materials. Please see our Seal & Gasket Materials page for further details on these fine materials. In addition to supplying rubber gasket material by the length, roll or sheet, we also maintain an extensive selection of foams and sponges – please see our Foam & Sponge Materials page for further details.

No matter whether you are an OEM or MRO customer, CRG can supply any of the above materials by the sheet, as cut lengths, by the full roll, or as multiple rolls. As a leading gasket fabricator and materials provider, we maintain an extensive inventory of materials at all times. We offer competitive pricing and industry-leading responsiveness, with emergency service available upon request. For more information on how CRG can service your gasket material needs, please contact our sales department at