Gaskets from Cork, Fibre and Felt

Rubber is not the only material from which gaskets, seals and die cut products can be fabricated. At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) we have extensive experience in manufacturing gaskets from cork, fibre and felt, as well as producing a wide range of die cut products from these specialty materials.

Cork and Cork Rubber Gaskets

Cork is both a useful and popular material for gasket production. As a material, cork is quite flexible and compressive, allowing it seal effectively. When combined with nitrile, neoprene or silicone rubber, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of both materials – the flexibility and compressibility of cork, and the chemical resistance and resilience of rubber. The advantages of cork rubber are the following:

  • Good resistance to many media, including oils and solvents

  • High compressibility and flexibility

  • Good acoustic, vibration, and impact dampening properties

  • Resists fluid penetration

Applications that CRGI has serviced with cork and cork rubber gaskets include the following:

  • Automotive (seals, pads, NVH parts)

  • Industrial (gaskets, seals, NVH parts, custom die cut parts)

  • Electrical (transformers and switchgear)

Fibre Gaskets

CRGI produces gaskets from a variety of fibrous materials. These include cellulose fibre blended with rubber and vegetable fibre, among others.

Gaskets fabricated from treated vegetable fibre are strong and durable, compressible, and resistant to heavy loads. Treated vegetable fibre has good resistance to a wide range of media, including oils, greases, solvents, water, gasoline, and alcohol. These gaskets are most often used in the petrochemical, chemical and automotive industries.

Gaskets made from cellulose fibre combined with rubber binders, such as nitrile, combine flexibility with good dimensional stability. These gaskets have good resistance to some automotive and industrial fluids, such as oils, fuels, and anti-freeze. As such, these gaskets have applicability in automotive applications where exposure to these fluids is a concern.

Felt Gaskets

At CRGI, we work with a variety of felts, including pressed wool, polyester, and woven. Felt is a proven material to use in sealing applications and those where cushioning is required between two adjoining surfaces.

Pressed wool gaskets are made with multiple layers of material and have good resistance to solvents and oil. Polyester felt gaskets can service a higher temperature range than those made from pressed wool. In addition to gaskets, the absorbent property of felt makes it an excellent choice for die cut products where absorbing fluids or noise is a requirement.

Woven felt is a more dense material than either pressed wool or polyester felt. This material is an excellent sealing choice in applications where preventing the ingress of dust or contaminants is a concern. It is also an superior material choice for applications where shock and impact dampening are required, such as equipment pads and NVH parts.

If you have an application that requires gaskets from cork, fibre and felt, our sales department will be pleased to discuss the wide range of material options available. To find out more about the gaskets from cork, fibre and felt that CRGI can supply, please contact our sales department directly at