Gaskets: You Get What You Pay For!

Kurt Vonnegut, the writer, once said, “In this world, you get what you pay for.”  Another way of saying the same thing is that price is what you pay, and value is what you get. For gaskets and seals, it is important for buyers to always consider price in relation to value: buying the cheapest gaskets may involve trading off value in terms of product quality, dependability and longevity.

Gaskets and seals which offer superior value usually do so along the key performance dimensions of quality, reliability and durability.

Gasket quality pertains to the fit and finish of the final product – the precision with which it is made and the freedom from defects and imperfections. Quality gaskets and seals fit every time and never have to be discarded because of defects in fit or finish.

Quality may also refer to the degree to which a gasket conforms to applicable regulations and specifications. Increasingly, gaskets and seals are coming regulatory control. For example, gaskets and seals used in drinking water applications are now being required to conform to the requirements of the NSF-61 standard in many jurisdictions.

Reliability refers to dependability and the freedom from unplanned failure in use. This is primarily a function of the material or compound from which the gasket is made – the inherent properties and characteristics of the material and its ability to dependably service the intended application. More properly, reliability is a function of material research, development and selection: a reliable seal results when a gasket material is selected that can dependably handle the process and operating conditions as well as the media being sealed.

Durability refers to the ability of a gasket or seal to resist degradation over time and perform satisfactorily over the intended life cycle. This, again, is a function of the material characteristics and properties, and their fit with the end-use application and the media being sealed.

Gaskets and seals with bargain-basement prices are often deficient in one or more of these three key dimensions. While the price may be low, product quality may not be assured and reliability and durability may be lacking. When the costs of failure and replacement is considered, a bargain-basement price may turn out to be no bargain at all.

At CRG, we never compromise value for price. Our gaskets and seals deliver proven reliability and durability by being fashioned from the best materials supplied by the leading material producers. And, every gasket we make is quality assured from being manufactured in our ISO 9001 facility, using the latest production processes. While our gaskets and seals often cost no more than competitive offerings, they deliver proven performance in application after application.

If you are sourcing gaskets and seals, always consider all relevant costs over the entire product life cycle, and not just price alone. It is a mistake to consider only the initial price, or acquisition cost, of the gasket. While quality gaskets may cost a little more, they will more than repay that additional expense by avoiding the costs attributable to failure and replacement.

CRG sealing specialists will be pleased to assist with your next gasket purchase. Our experts can provide guidance and advice on material selection and other key aspects of gasket procurement.

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