Gaskets and Seals for Mining Applications

Equipment used in the mining and resource extraction industries is often used under extreme operating conditions. Exposure to dirt, mud and other contaminants is commonplace, as is the need to service wide temperature ranges and heavy duty operation. Gaskets and seals for mining applications need to be well-chosen to ensure reliable equipment performance and minimum downtime.

Many types of mining equipment are hydraulically operated. For example, drilling and cutting machines usually have hydraulic components that require seals that are resistant to petroleum-based hydraulic oils. For these types of applications, careful attention must be paid to material selection and manufacturing quality to ensure successful and reliable seals.

In addition, pump systems used in mining applications are often handling aggressive media, including strong caustics and abrasive slurries. Gaskets, seals and packing used in pumping equipment for these applications must be capable of withstanding the high stresses involved.

CRG Gaskets and Seals for Mining Applications

In producing gaskets and seals for mining applications, CRG often uses the following materials:

  • Nitrile rubbers (Buna-N). These rubber compounds are a good choice for hydraulic seals as they possess good resistance to hydraulic oils.

  • Fluoroelastomers (Viton®). Viton®, a DuPont trademark, is a fluoroelastomer used to fabricate gaskets for applications where high reliability is desired. Viton® possesses good heat resistance characteristics, and is impervious to attack by many chemicals. The higher initial cost of these gaskets is more than offset by the longer sealing life cycle they provide.

  • PTFE (Teflon) rubbers. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. Teflon®, a DuPont trademark, is the most widely known brand name of PTFE-based formulas. PTFE gaskets are widely used in hydraulic systems as well as in pumps, valves, and flanged joints in piping and transfer equipment. These gaskets have a very low coefficient of friction, low creep, and an ability to service a wide range of operating temperatures, from -240°C (-400°F) to +260°C (+500°F). A key advantage of PTFE gaskets is that they have exceptionally high chemical resistance. This property makes them an excellent choice for many hydraulic systems applications.

  • Thermoplastic rubbers. Gaskets made from thermoplastic rubbers, such as polyurethane rubber, combine the advantages of rubber and plastic. These gaskets resist abrasion, and combine hardness with resiliency and excellent dynamic load bearing capacity. Because they combine plasticizers with rubber, these gaskets tend to outlast most standard rubber gaskets when placed in hydraulic power systems.

  • Flexible graphite sheet. Gaskets from flexible graphite sheet possess excellent resistance to corrosion from acids and alkalies, as well as high temperatures and pressures. Gaskets made from flexible graphite sheet have good resistance to abrasive media such as mining slurries, while possessing excellent thermal conductivity and conformability for superior sealing.

CRG High-Wear Parts for Mining Applications

In many operations, conveyors, chutes, launders, and other equipment is often used to move and transport extracted materials. This equipment is operating in high-wear conditions where vital parts and components are subjected to wear and tear from mined materials and slurries. Protecting equipment with wear-resistant rubber and plastic materials can reduce downtime and extend operating life.

CRG can custom fabricate parts from wear-resistant rubbers and plastics that are able to withstand the stresses of abrasion, scraping, rubbing, flexing, chemical attack, and other forms of wear and tear. Wear-resistant parts we can custom fabricate for mining applications include the following:

  • Linings and skirting for conveyors, chutes and launders.

  • Conveyor belt scrapers.

  • Replacement belts for conveyors and other material handling equipment.

  • Truck bed liners.

To find out more about CRG gaskets and seals for mining applications, as well as custom fabricated high-wear parts, please contact our sales department directly at