Three Ways Custom Converting and Fabrication Can Help You

Custom converting and fabrication involves using a variety of production methods and techniques to transform flexible materials into end-use parts. Using custom converting and fabrication methods and techniques, almost any shape can be formed from flexible materials. The wide range of flexible materials now on the market, including those which offer fire protection, UV resistance, conductivity, or other special characteristics, ensures that almost any application can be serviced.

Three ways that custom converting and fabrication can help you are the following:

1. MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) Parts and Components

MRO parts refer to the parts and components that are used to carry out the functions of maintenance, repairs and operations support. Many of these are used to replace worn parts and components on machinery equipment, or to carry out equipment improvements designed to enhance functioning and safety.

This latter category has particular relevance to custom converting and fabrication: as operating and maintenance personnel identify ways to improve equipment functioning, this may require the fabrication and retrofit of parts that have either become worn or were never originally provided with the equipment. For example, using flexible materials, CRG has custom fabricated bearing pads specially designed to reduce the noise and vibration emitted from equipment and machinery. In other cases, we have custom fabricated machinery skirting and track guards to keep product on the line and off adjacent walkways and equipment, thus protecting equipment and workers while saving time and money.

2. OEM Parts and Components

Custom fabricated parts and components made from flexible materials are an integral part of many OEM product offerings. These can comprise a wide range of offerings, including gaskets and seals for enclosures and casings, shielding for sensitive electronics, components for suppressing noise and vibration, and miscellaneous small parts such as grommets, plugs, bushings, etc.

A full-service converter and fabricator of flexible materials, such as CRG, will work with industrial and automotive OEM’s to create and produce the custom fabricated parts that are an essential part of their product offerings.

3. New Product Development and Prototyping

In their product development cycles, product developers will often design in or specify parts and components made from flexible materials. Custom converters and fabricators can work with product developers to prototype and realize the final part or component, providing advice and guidance on material selection along the way.

With an ever-increasing range of flexible materials available in the marketplace today, custom converters and fabricators have a wide portfolio of materials from which to draw on when creating parts and components for new products.

Custom Converting and Fabrication from CRG

CRG is a full-service converter and fabricator of flexible materials. We service the needs of customers seeking flexible material parts and components for MRO, OEM, and product development applications. We can produce parts from  a variety of flexible materials, including elastomersfoams and spongesplasticsfilmsfoilsnon-wovenscorks and felts, and more. Converting and fabrication capabilities that CRG can offer includes the following:

  • CNC/die cutting, including waterjet, flex and flash, high-speed rotary die, etc.

  • Kiss cutting

  • Precision slitting

  • Laminating and bonding

  • Punching and perforating

  • PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) application

  • Skiving, creasing and cuffing

  • Materials selection

…and more.

If you have a need for parts and components custom produced from flexible materials, consider CRG as your preferred source of supply.

To find out more about how we can service your needs, please contact our sales team directly at