Gaskets and Seals: Quick Product Overview

CRGI prides itself on offering our customers the widest possible selection of gasket and sealing solutions. We offer a complete range of gaskets and seals, custom fabricated on the latest production technology. Our gaskets and seals are manufactured from high-quality materials supplied by leading producers such as Teadit, American Biltrite, Interface Performance Materials, and others. Gasket and sealing solutions we offer include the following:

Compression (Mechanical) Packing

We can supply a wide range of braided compression packing, including packings made from 100 percent PTFE, Carbon and Graphite, Aramid and PTFE/Aramid hybrids, Glass, and natural and synthetic fibres such as Ramie, Acryl, Novoloid, and Polyimid. For more information on the compression packings we offer, please visit our Compression Packing page.

Low Emission (Low-E or Low-Leak) Compression Packing

Certified low-leak packing that can reduce the fugitive emissions coming from control valves and bring the valve into compliance with EPA directives covering “Certified Low-Leaking Valve Packing Technology”.

Gaskets and Seals

We manufacture a wide array of gaskets and seals, all designed for a diverse range of applications. Our product solutions include stock and custom gaskets, fluid and pneumatic seals, and custom cut seals and parts for industrial and automotive applications. To see the full range of gasket and sealing solutions we offer, please visit our Gasket & Sealing Solutions page.

All gaskets and seals we produce are application specific, and we can service specialized applications such as sanitary service (NSF-61), severe service, and others. Our gaskets and seals are produced from the highest quality materials, using the latest production technology. To see the full range of our gasket and sealing materials, please visit our Seal & Gasket Materials page.

Automotive Solutions

Custom molded or cut parts for automotive applications, including seals, pedal pads, grommets, plenum plugs, bumpers, cuffs, dampers, fuel tank cushions, NVH products, and more. To see the full range of our automotive solutions, please visit our Automotive & OEM Solutions page.

Specialty Products and Custom Fabrication

CRGI’s fabrication expertise has been developed over many years of working with rubber, foam, plastic, composites, and other specialty materials. We can support you in creating a new product or producing to an existing design. We are now also working with advanced materials such as Memory FoamCeramic PaperLaminated Foils, and Transparent Conductive Films to produce custom fabricated gaskets, seals and parts for specialized applications. To see the full range of the advanced materials we work with, please visit our Specialty Materials page; to see the full range of our custom fabrication capabilities, please visit our Custom Fabrication page.

If you require a gasket or sealing solution for your application, CRGI is your preferred supply partner. For more information of any of our products or services, please contact our sales department at